The Vintage Fan Fair is intended to include a wide variety of businesses, representing all different eras/styles; therefore, there is a limited number of vendors allowed per category. This benefits your business in limiting the number of direct competitors; as well as, providing a well-rounded and interesting show for the attendees. Please keep this in mind, as submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

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Vendor Application - Vintage Fan Fair 2017

  • This is your Certificate of Registration # for North Carolina, not your EIN or SS#. NC requires all vendors to apply for a certificate of registration and to collect and submit sales tax on all transactions. If you have applied and have not yet received your registration # or need to apply, please indicate "Applied" to submit your application. Once you receive your registration #, please contact us with the updated info.
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  • You can also include any online store site(s) you may have (etsy, ebay etc.)
  • Select one category that best fits your business type. We will accept only vintage-related vendors (no direct sales or non-vintage arts&crafts). Please keep this in mind if selecting the "other" category.
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  • Please list here any shows/programs/events you have previously participated in (show name/dates (approx.)/location. Feel free to include any links to show sites.
  • Please select a booth location by indicating the preferred booth # (shown on the floor plan; view by clicking on the "Vendor Info" pull down menu above). Booths already sold will be clearly marked - be sure to select a booth that is currently available. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis - so the sooner you apply, the more likely you will reserve your first-choice booth.
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