Glamper Showcase

A wide variety of vintage makes and models will be featured, including an Airstream Argosy called “MaryKate” and a Shasta Compact named “Itty Bitty & Pretty”. Each one, uniquely adapted and personifying its owner, will showcase clever use of space and unique decorating in these tiny homes on wheels.

Each camper conjures up a more simpler time and the time to enjoy it. As described in “Vintage Trailer Voyeur”, a book by Vicki Ocken that chronicles vintage campers and their owners, “The allure of the road called to her. The sinuous curve of the winding pavement, the clattering of tires on wooden bridges, the long-forgotten towns along the way . . . not to fly over America, but to feel it under her feet, sleep under the stars, and see it with her own eyes.”

Ocken will be at the event signing copies of her book and talking with attendees about her own affinity with these little gems and how she came to own four of them. “I have an affinity for the smell of old wood, the sound of rain on tin, and the small spaces they offer. I see the unique soul each has to offer and feel the past lives they have led”, states Ocken.

Meet the author in person 

Friday, November 10th from 4-7 pm 

Saturday, November 11th from 1-4 pm.


Glamper Showcase Hours – 

Friday, November 10th from 5-7 pm –  with the lights glowing

and campfires going

Saturday, November 11th from 1-3 pm.