Did You Know North Carolina Has the 3rd Largest Concentration of Modernist Houses!

Find out how that came to be and more! Relax in the 50’s Living Room vignette, complete with home movie screen to view the audio-visual materials along with the talk.

“Mayberry Modernism” Presentation – 3pm Friday, November 10th

Location: Show floor in the 1950’s Living Room 

George Smart, President of North Carolina Modernist Houses presents “Mayberry Modernism”. Mr. Smart will share the story of how North Carolina became the third largest concentration of Modernist houses in America and how North Carolina hosts the largest website in the world for residential Modernist architecture. Some of the most loved, hated, and controversial buildings in the world! During this entertaining and informative visual journey, audiences delight in learning why these “livable works of art” are often endangered and discovering how everyone can help save mid-century houses for future generations.

To join the discussion about modernist homes, listen in to US Modernist Radio, the “Car Talk” of design podcasts.

Check out some of the modernist homes currently on the market – for sale or rent – maybe one is calling you!

Modernist Homes for Sale in North Carolina




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